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Overcoming Challenges

As we adopt and become more familiar with our new vegetarian lifestyle, life will necessarily demand a few more challenges of us than just deciding what to eat. But change can be a good thing. Don't let yourself succumb to a fear of change itself. Be open to novelty and experiment as new situations present themselves, as they surely will. Your life will then be experienced as an adventure, rather than as a burden or a chore.

The more we experiment with our vegetarian adventure, the wider our scope becomes. Instead of regarding a vegetarian diet as restrictive or limiting, we will begin to experience a new variety and perspective being added to our ever-widening horizon of culinary experience. This is where the real fun begins.
Home Chef However the biggest challenge that must be faced from the first is the fact that we will need to take full responsibility for our decisions and adopt a more proactive roll in our own food preparation. Unless we are already an avid amateur chef, we may need to spend more time in the kitchen than we are used to.

If you're lucky and your spouse, best friend or someone else is joining you in your new vegetarian adventure, then the road ahead will likely be much smoother.

However if you're going it alone, then "that vegetarian thing" (as it is likely to be referred to by others) should be our own personal responsibility and we ought not expect nor demand that others share in our desire to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

That choice is theirs to make, not ours.

Soon this will all become second nature to us. But we must make that decision when getting started and stick with it if we are to be successful in our quest, without creating enemies of our loved ones.

So what can we expect to encounter as we launch ourselves into our new-found vegetarian lifestyle adventure? Now that we're beginning to put our plan into action, we need to develop our own Vegetarian Meal Plan that is both satisfying and easy to live with.

What Challenges Have You Encountered?

Did you run into any roadblocks when going meatless? Did friends and family members offer encouragement or discouragement? How did you deal with your situation?

Share your trials and your triumphs with a sympathetic audience and we can all learn and benefit from each other's experiences and insights.

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