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Even before we first met over 35 years ago, we were both toying with vegetarian diets. So it was easy for us to jump in together and really get immersed in the idea of going meatless from the very beginning of our relationship.
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At the time, I was an aspiring chef working for various prestigious country clubs and hotels in Houston, Texas. It was an awkward blend of trying to explore two very different desires...to learn the fine art of preparing fine food and to follow my instincts that vegetarian cooking could be fun, delicious and satisfying.

Over the years my allegiance to the idea of going meatless won out as I realized that the contemporary commercial food industry was not yet ready for such an adventure. Continuing to work with large amounts of dead flesh products on a daily basis finally took its toll on me and I decided to opt out of the business.

But at home, we doubled our efforts and our experimentation. The results of our years of trying different vegetarian styles of food preparation have been reduced into our personal vegetarian food pyramid and meal plan as outlined and explained in the pages of this website.

We sincerely hope that you will benefit from this information and put it to the test.

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