Do Vegetarians Need Nutritional Supplements?

What about nutritional supplements? We know that adopting a vegetarian diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is probably the single best step we can take toward providing for a healthy mix of essential nutrients.

However it is widely accepted now that, along with the positive developments of modern agriculture which provides such a wide and abundant variety of fresh produce year round, there is the negative corresponding depletion from our farming soils of vital minerals and trace elements. Consequently today's food crops do not contain anywhere near the nutritional value that they once did just a few decades ago.

We feel that it is money well invested in ourselves to supplement our diets with at least a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement.

There are hundreds out there to choose from, but we highly recommend choosing one of the liquid varieties that, aside from vitamins and minerals, boasts a wide range of high "ORAC" (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scorinig antioxidants. These concoctions are not cheap, but if you had to choose only one supplement, this would be our clear choice.

If you are young and healthy this may be all you need. However, if you are 50 or better (and even if you're healthy), we would also recommend getting some extra vitamin D, some extra CoQ-10 and a broad spectrum probiotic formula. There are also lot of other supplements available to help alleviate any specific deficiencies one might individually have.

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