Keeping Lettuce Fresh In The Fridge

by Rose T.
(Bethany Beach, DE)

This tip may seem a little simplistic but it works great! We used to keep leaf lettuces in the platic bags you buy them in at the grocery store. But even if you put them in the crisper drawer they tend to dry out or the tips of the lettuce start to rot. There are fancy specially designed bags you can buy to prevent this but that's expensive and totally unnecessary.

Take a small kitchen hand towel and run it under water to moisten it. Wring it out thoroughly and then lay it out vertically on the countertop. After you have washed and drained your lettuce, place the head a bit below center on the towel with the stem end pointing toward one of the bottom corners of the towel. Then loosely fold that corner up and over the top of the lettuce followed by the the other two side corners and, lastly, the top corner of the towel. The lettuce is now completely covered inside the folded towel. Now turn it over and place it in the crisper. It will stay as fresh as can be and it's easy to unwrap and rewrap as many times as needed until it is used up. This method also helps keep broccoli from drying out and heads of cauliflower from developing brown spots.

Try'll like it!

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