Insights From India

by Julie M.
(Huntsville, AL)

We stumbled into becoming vegetarian by accident.
My husband's career involves a lot of travel time. One of his assignments took us to India a few years ago for a six month stay. We lived in an apartment complex where we happened to meet an Indian couple that we spent a lot of our free time with. They very quickly became dear friends of ours and they were very generous in their endeavor to introduce us to Indian culture and cuisine.

They are vegetarians and, during the course of our stay there, they prepared for us the most remarkable assortment of vegetarian foods and taught us the basics of classical Indian vegetarian cuisine.

We constantly marveled at the variety of different preparations they had mastered. Their use of different spices and seasonings offers incredible variety. We never felt like we had eaten the same thing twice during our entire stay there.

Before our trip to India, we had never even considered vegetarianism but we eventually became convinced that being vegetarian is not only a viable dietary option, but that it can be highly healthy, absolutely delicious and totally satisfying, as well.

Since returning to the States, we have not only added Indian vegetarian dishes to our meals, but we're also going meatless more and more often now. We just don't feel the need for meat that much any more and we feel great!

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