An Unexpected Benefit

by Brenda
(Nicholasville, KY)

My husband and I toyed with being vegetarian on and off for several years, mainly for health reasons. About 6 months ago we finally went meatless and started to notice something we'd never anticipated. Our kitchen is cleaner now!

The main thing we noticed is that we no longer have a problem with flies. When you're preparing meat and fish, for example, there are bones and gristle and fat and skin and all that disgusting stuff that you trim away and have to dispose of. Even if you wrap it all up properly, you still have to worry about it rotting in the trash container until garbage collection day -- all the while attracting flies, other insects and even stray dogs and cats.

Well, that problem no longer plagues us! Our kitchen, and the whole house in fact, just feels cleaner since we no longer have to deal with any of that. This is a wonderful, unexpected benefit of going meatless that anyone can take advantage of.

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