Addicted To Fresh Salads

by Helen C.
(Beaverton, OR)

My husband and I are both retired now and we are avid gardeners. Our meals plan is similar to yours but our main meal is usually centered around garden fresh salads. We almost always have something growing in our gardens to add to our lunches.

We like to prepare some ww pasta, beans, rice, roasted vegetables, etc. ahead of time that we can add to or serve with our salads. We also keep fresh nuts, dried fruits, cottage cheese and feta cheese on hand to add to our salads which we usually serve with some good, heartly, whole grain bread with nut butters or cream cheese spread.

We love to make soups also but we don't have them that often. I guess everyone has different tastes. We are just really addicted to our fresh salads. They're the best!

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